General information


ethnic minority women and men

9 communes

 of two districts in Ha Giang and Lai Chau


Language and education, access to basic infrastructure, mobility, livelihoods, caregiving burden, household decision-making,
financial services, women’s group membership and gender-based violence.


  • Increase participation, particularly by poor rural and ethnic minority women in paid economic activities


  • Enhance the promotion of economic rights, particularly for poor rural and ethnic minority women in Vietnam

Expected results

60 tea planting groups with 1200 ethnic minority women

will be supported technically

2 tea speciality models with 20 women

will be established

1400 women along with their husbands

will join in gender equality and women’s economic empowerment dialogues 

18 community communications sessions

will be held

Local people

will be provided with information and skills when finding jobs outside their commnunity

9 models helping women cut down on unpaid care work time

will be supported

9 models facilitating children to go to kindergarten

will be supported

150 women

will be supported to join 20 entrepreneur models

20 livelihood models other than tea planting

with the participation of 300 women

70 Village Savings and Loan Associations

will be established

Personnel of partners and local government

will have their capacity for gender and environment enhanced

Project results

will be shared with the central government and policy makers 

Project documents

Report – Infrastructure and UCDW

Report-Policy brief – Infrastructure and UCDW
Research – Child care in rural EM areas

Report – Unpaid care and domestic work

Report-Policy brief – UCDW in EM areas
Reducing Gender Inequality in UCDW in Vietnam

AWEEV – Infographic

AWEEV – Project brief



Technical partners