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Community Forest Land Protection and Management: New Opportunities for Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam

Hanoi, 28-12-2018 – Ethnic minority communities who mostly live on agricultural and forest land have been able to increase their income, raise their voice and promote their contributions to the protection and management of community forest land. This is one of the achievements of the project Promoting Land Rights for Ethnic Minority People in Vietnam …

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Vietnam’s Law on Access to Information Provide an Opportunity to Narrow the Information Gap for Ethnic Minorities

Hanoi, 12 July 2018 – Vietnam’s first Law on Access to Information, effective as of 1st July 2018, provide a crucial opportunity for state authorities, social organisations and citizens to increase information transparency in general and narrow the gap of information for ethnic minorities in particular. The right of access to information is one of …

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Enhancing two-way communication in ethnic minority communities

Information plays an important role in household and production activities, especially ethnic minority communities. However, how best to deliver such information to citizens in an timely, accessible manner remains an open question. This is the focus of the training workshop in Hanoi late April 2018 for members of commune-level Community Information and Communication Work Groups …

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