Bui Thi Hoa is 15 years old and a student of Daloc secondary school. She is also a member of the Green Team in Daloc Commune. She attended a contest on Environment and Mangroves Protection, and Disaster Risks Reduction and Climate Change issues organized by Green Clubs and the CARE Project Team in Da Loc commune where the Disaster Resilient Coastal Communities Project funded by AXA has been underway since May 2011.

The contest named “we are green messengers” attracted many children in schools, youth and local people in Daloc Commune. Bui Thi Hoa was a candidate of the contest and she expressed her ideas after watching a video clip on disaster and climate change issues. Hoa was so impressed by the environmental wealth Vietnam has in terms of its natural forest, green streams, rivers and blue sky with nice birds flying.  However, Hoa commented on how human interventions are destroying forests, killing animals, causing pollution and releasing toxic chemicals. Hoa also made the association between global warming processes such as glacial melting in the North pole and sea level. “We must do many activities to make environment cleaner and greener such as collecting waste, and growing trees to make more green forests,” she said. Hoa impressed the audience and other contestants with her insight and clever use of words.

Hoa has been very active in raising awareness and motivating behaviour change of coastal farmers on disaster risk reduction and climate change. As an example, Hoa has provided support for food and seeds storage, and she has reminded households in her community to strengthen the houses before the flood season. In addition, Hoa has been active in her local ‘green clubs’, participating in cleaning the beach and village roads. Hoa volunteers with her Green Club to maintain the mangroves forest and help with production of bio-fertilizers.

We must protect environment by doing specific activities,” Hoa said, “We must protect environment as our source of life.