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CARE International worked in Vietnam from 1954 to 1975 to address immediate needs, by supporting local food supply, health care and education.

CARE returned to Vietnam in 1989 and has since worked in almost all of Vietnam’s 64 provinces and cities, providing more than 300 development projects. CARE International in Vietnam’s projects have supported agricultural and rural development, livelihood enhancement, community-based health care, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, disaster risk reduction, climate change response, emergency relief and rehabilitation, water and sanitation infrastructure, and the advancement of gender equality.

Today, CARE International in Vietnam continues to deliver humanitarian and emergency assistance in times of crisis, but primarily focuses on ensuring long-term positive change for marginalised groups, especially ethnic minority women in mountainous areas and vulnerable women in urban areas, by tackling the underlying causes of poverty, vulnerability, and social injustice.

We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security.

CARE will be a global force and partner of choice within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. We will be known everywhere for our unshakable commitment to the dignity of people.

    Humanitarian action and emergency response, with special attention to the needs of women and the marginalised.
    Using learning and developing partnerships, to scale up proven methods to alleviate poverty.
    Sourcing innovative solutions and using sustainable development tools to reduce risk and build resilience.

CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.


We put women and girls in the centre because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

Core values

  • Transformation
    We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation – within the world and our own organisation.
  • Integrity
    We are accountable to the people and partners we humbly serve, transparently sharing our results, stories and lessons.
  • Diversity
    We know that by embracing differences, actively including a variety of voices, and joining together we can solve the world’s most complex problems.
  • Excellence
    We challenge ourselves to the highest level of learning and performance, tapping the best of the human spirit to create impact.
  • Equality
    We believe in the equal value of every human being and the importance of respecting and honoring each individual; we know that change happens through people.

CARE International is a leading humanitarian organisation working for global poverty reduction and social justice by empowering women and girls. Founded in 1945, CARE currently works with the poorest and most marginalised communities in 90 countries around the world.

Mr. I.R. Constad, Assistant of CARE's Mission for England and Wales with Mrs. Killagllon and family. Left to right, 7-year-old Gerald, 12-year-old June, 14-year-old George, 14-month-old Brian, Mrs. Killagllon, 3-year-old Michael, and 4-year-old David.

CARE’s decades of humanitarian and development work demonstrate that gender inequality and poverty go hand in hand, and when women are empowered, a wide range of human and social development indicators also improve. The societies that lag furthest behind are those where laws and attitudes hinder women’s empowerment.

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Le Kim Dung
Country Director
Email: lekim.dung@care.org.vn

 Vu Minh Hai
Remote Ethnic Minority Women (REMW) Program, Team Leader
Email: vuminh.hai@care.org.vn

Vuong Thai Nga
Socially Marginalised People (SMP) Program, Team Leader
Email: vuongthai.nga@care.org.vn

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang
Finance Controller
Email: nguyenthithu.trang@care.org.vn

Nguyen Thi Le Hien
Human Resources, Team Leader
Email: nguyenthile.hien@care.org.vn

Bui Quynh Nga
Office Manager
Email: buiquynh.nga@care.org.vn

Ha Thi Quynh Nga
Private Sector Engagement Specialist
Email: hathiquynh.nga@care.org.vn

About CARE in Vietnam

We ensure long-term positive change for marginalised group, especially women.


We work with the disaster affected communities to reduce long-term vulnerability to disaster and to assist in times of crisis.

Our Publications

CARE International in Vietnam produces a variety of publications to share our experience and research.

Opportunities with CARE

We offer opportunities for you to work in our team and with our team.