Commitments of Gender-based Violence Prevention Network in Vietnam

The beginning of 2022 marks a hard-working year of Gender-based Violence Prevention Network in Vietnam – GBVNet to reduce inequality and violence on the basis of gender.  

As a member of the network, CARE International in Vietnam hopes that this video not only show the commitments on the prevention of and response to gender-based violence, but also create the motivation for everyone to raise their voice and act for the safety of women and girl.

Members of Gender-based violence prevention network in Vietnam (GBVNet) unanimously declare:

  • Commit to actively contributing to communication and education activities to raise social awareness of gender inequality and gender-based violence!


  • Encourage women and girls, especially women and girls with disabilitites, ethnic minortities to speak out against gender-based violence and seek help when experiencing violence!


  • Promote initiatives to increase participation of men and boys, network of men, promote positive masculinity to create changes in social conceptions of gender and gender equality!


  • Contribute to the delivery of inclusive, interdisciplinary, friendly and accessible support services that focus on people experiencing gender-based violence and prioritize the safety of women and girls. Focus on the unique needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups such as women with disabilities and ethnic minority women, ensuring that no one is left behind!


  • Continue to carry out research and advocacy activities on gender equality, contribute to providing support services for victims of gender-based violence, especially with the participation of representatives of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups!

GBVNet is a network of civil society organizations and individuals that have common interests and work together with the aim of eliminating gender-based violence and promoting gender equality in Vietnam.