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CARE’s Socially Marginalised People Program works with a number of urban groups across Vietnam, who are structurally and socially excluded from the benefits of change and development.
Focusing particularly on women, these groups include sex workers, female migrants, people who use drugs, people living with HIV, and people with diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. They often live and work in unsafe environments, and are subject to stigma, discrimination, exploitation and abuse. Many are effectively “hidden” populations, marginalised as a result of social conventions and stereotypes, or because of a lack of responsive legal and policy frameworks.
To learn more about our umbrella program to support socially marginalised people (SMP), please download the  brochure here...

To learn more about the projects under SMP, please refer to the following:

Building Responsibility and Accountability for Gender-Based Violence Elimination (BRAVE) project works to increase the rejection of GBV among the Vietnamese public by shifting the responsibility for GBV away from the survivor.


Enhanced Access to Social Services for Female Sex Workers (NQ) project addresses the underlying causes of marginalisation of female sex workers and works towards responsive and supportive policy and legal approaches to sex work, to enable them to have a stronger voice and equitable access to protection and services.


Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement (P.A.C.E.) in the Community for Migrant Women in Urban Areas works to enable migrant women in urban areas aiming to develop skills to advocate for their needs and interests, and supports them to access improved economic opportunities.


Enhancing Women’s Voice to Stop Sexual Harassment (STOP) project is implemented in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar to promote a safe working environment for female garment factory workers in the region.


The NEW ME! Project aims to provide new skills and knowledge Hanoi’s informal female workers, such as waste collectors or second-hand clothes vendors, so that they improve their income security.


I AM STRONG! Project works to increase the confidence, leadership acumen, and knowledge of female factory workers to improve their occupational well-being and more dignified working conditions by working with communities and factories.


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We ensure long-term positive change for marginalised group, especially women.


We work with the disaster affected communities to reduce long-term vulnerability to disaster and to assist in times of crisis.

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