In May 2024, CARE and SoBanHang (Finan Pte Ltd) officially signed off the cooperation agreement to work on the Strive Women program, an initiative supported by the Mastercard Inclusive Growth Center. The cooperation aims to help women small and micro business owners improve their capacity, develop and apply innovative, effective and low-cost technology solutions in their business management.

In practice, the industrial revolution has brought about many fundamental changes, which opens up many opportunities for enterprises to approach and digitally transform to create a new development. Following this, digital transformation in the economy is both a characteristic and an inevitable development trend. Applying digital solutions to business management is an important step to help businesses improve operational efficiency, minimize risks and optimize profits.

Under this cooperation, So Ban Hang and the Strive Women project will jointly deploy training, consultancy and technical support activities for micro and small women business owners, helping them access management tools and effectively carry out the digital transformation process.

Mr. Bui Hai Nam – CEO of So Ban Hang, shared: “We are very pleased to cooperate with the Strive Women project to further support female business owners. With So Ban Hang’s digital solutions, we hope to help them manage their business better, thereby developing their business sustainably and contributing more to the economy.”

The planned initiatives and training will help female business owners learn, exchange knowledge, share experiences, and access advanced digital management solutions. So Ban Hang not only provides smart sales management software but also organizes extensive training sessions, helping female business owners optimize business performance.

So Ban Hang and the Strive Women project will jointly deploy training, consulting and support activities for women micro and small business owners to effectively carry out the digital transformation process.

Ms. Tran Thi Minh Nguyet – Strive Women project manager, commented on the partnership: “The cooperation with So Ban Hang is an important step in implementing the project’s mission. We believe that, with support from experts and modern technical tools, women business owners will have more opportunities to develop and assert their position in the market.”

Strive Women is a four-year program led by CARE and supported by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth to strengthen the financial health of women-led small and micro businesses in Vietnam. The project collaborates with local partners, to provide appropriate financial products and support services such as capacity building, digital skills and strengthening women’s support networks. In addition, the project also strives to address the unique gender barriers faced by women-led businesses and test climate-resilient business initiatives.

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