Guideline: Indigenous Knowledge Identification and Use in Community Based Adaptation Practices


Climate Change (CC) adaptation is the task of the society; of all authority levels, all agencies and organizations and people from all walks of life. Measures for coping with CC have been introduced in terms of policy, technical and infrastructure aspects. Encouragement of indigenous knowledge (IK) use to adapt to CC is among the activities under the CCA strategy/ action plan of the concerned ministries, agencies and provinces. Vietnam National Strategy on Climate Change (2011) emphasized the increase in the use of IK in measures to adapt to CC.

Indigenous knowledge introduces its high adaptability to the environment, in the area where it was formed, interacted and developed. IK is the quintessence of a long process of observation, experience gain from daily activities, agricultural and-forestry practices, and management of natural resources and community, which comes from community dwellers’ hard working, being gradually finalized and transferred from generations to generations. Therefore, the application of IK in CCA is the key to success for a sustainable livelihood development, especially for the ethnic minorities (EM).

This Guideline on “Indigenous Knowledge Identification and Use in Community Based Adaptation Practices” helps readers better perceive the roles and values of IK to the EM community in CC adaptation, which is one of the optimal measures for EM to adapt to CC.

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