Duong Hien Hanh was a Program Officer for CARE’s avian influenza prevention projects for southern provinces.

Duong Hien Hanh (second from left) collected data from the locals on a field trip.
Photo: CARE in Vietnam archive

When I quit my old job, I told an expert that I wanted to study to become one like him. He said to me that not everyone could get what s/he wanted. So I thought that I dreamed too high. Now I am working as a consultant and I am in his position, I feel grateful to CARE. When I worked at CARE, there were tasks out of my capacity, yet people said, “You can do it”. Then I tried and learnt to do it. Now I still tell my students this story. Humility and support is what I learnt from CARE. These are the most wonderful things in life. I only had two years at CARE but I am always proud to be a CARE staff. I grew up in those two years. 

At CARE, I learnt from Mr. Hong his methodology, skills and personality. At CARE, I have the right to be wrong, to make mistakes and to draw experience and lessons learnt through my work. CARE staff are pure and transparent and do not take anything from partners. At CARE, I devoted with all my heart. Each work day at CARE is a happy day for me, as if I am at home. On the day I left CARE, I cried all day. When I cried at lunch, Ms. Hien said “or should you stay!” 

Duong Hien Hanh (third from right) while working at CARE office in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: CARE in Vietnam archive

Now I am teaching in communication, co-participatory method, and project management. My curricula are based on the experience when working for CARE. I think that in my work before, I went to [work at] communities, now I teach my students so that they continue bringing these things to the community.

Duong Hien Hanh