CARE International’s mandate is to work with disaster affected communities in Vietnam to both reduce long-term vulnerability to disaster and to assist in times of crisis in a manner which promotes sustainable improvements in livelihoods and security.

The goal of CARE International in Vietnam’s humanitarian and emergency response is to meet the immediate needs of the target groups — particularly women and girls, remote ethnic minority people, and socially marginalised people — and the most vulnerable groups affected by natural disasters, and to support communities to recover from the impacts of the disaster, over the medium- and long- term.

CARE International in Vietnam works closely with government partners and local non-governmental agencies, as well as other International NGOs and UN agencies in its responses to emergencies in Vietnam. Currently, CARE in Vietnam prioritises the sectors of intervention including:



In humanitarian and emergency response programming, CARE applies CASH transfer as one of the modality either as emergency relief intended or to buy essential assets for the recovery of their livelihoods.

About CARE in Vietnam

We ensure long-term positive change for marginalised group, especially women.


We work with the disaster affected communities to reduce long-term vulnerability to disaster and to assist in times of crisis.

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