Climate change is sexist: 3 figures to understand
Around the world, did you know that women are the first victims of climate change? This fact is still little known, but today it can no longer be ignored. Find out more with these 3 key figures.
84.2 million more 
By causing droughts, floods, and sudden frosts, climate change has a direct impact on food production. During food crises, it is women who skip meals so that other members of their families do not go to bed hungry. Worldwide, 84.2 million more women than men suffer from hunger (1).
200 million hours 
Who still does most of the housework? Women and girls. In many parts of the world, fetching water is an integral part of these tasks. But one of the consequences of climate change is the increasing scarcity of water. As a result, every day, women and girls spend a total of 200 million hours walking to fetch water (2). These longer journeys mean more time alone outside the home, which increases the risk of suffering gender-based violence. These longer journeys also mean less time for going to school or work.   

Did you know that women accounted for 35% of the teams at the last COP, the 2022 international climate conference (3)? Yes, you read that right. These same women are the first victims of climate change. Although they are on the front line of the crisis, they are frequently excluded from decisions aimed at resolving it.   

With limited decision-making power, it is difficult for women to adopt effective strategies to prepare for, adapt to and respond to the effects of climate change. Is it logical that the majority of decision-making power should remain in the hands of men in the countries of the North, while women in the countries of the South pay the highest price? In 2023, only 15 women headed a country (4). 

Women are not just victims of climate change, they are also agents of change. Find out about the solutions offered by these climate heroes in Vietnam. 

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Climate change is sexist: a global campaign by CARE

There can be no climate justice without gender justice. Did you know that climate change is not only an environmental crisis, but also a gender crisis?  

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