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BRAVE – Because you are trusted

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On 15 January 2019, the three organisations CARE, CSAGA and iSEE launched the project Building Responsibility and Accountability for Gender-based Violence Elimination (BRAVE) via an event called “Because you are trusted”.

With funding from the Australian Government, the project focuses on dealing with gender-based violence through shifting the culture of victim blaming. The three-year project includes various activities and campaigns to look at the root causes of victim blaming, changing the way the public and the media talk about survivors and perpetrators, and showing how those who victims confide to can respond to the incident.

The project applies different approaches, from a discourse approach to change the way the public portrays victims and perpetrators to building a supportive environment for survivors and helping the victims to become survivors and speak up about their experience.

Mr. Dang Tri Duc performs the sand painting at the event

Visual story telling at the launch event

Visual story telling at the launch event

At the event, the project also shared findings from the discourse research ‘Between the Lines’ analyzing the language used in four key media outlets and in the anonymous confessions shared on S.O.S – Share Our Stories Facebook page. Participants also could read the stories of sexual abuse victims via a mini photo exhibition and the sand painting performed by artist Dang Tri Duc.